Welcome to Airport Animal Clinic

Airport Animal Clinic proudly serves the veterinary needs of the companion animals in the Monroeville, Peterman, Frisco City, Excel, Megargel, and Repton areas of Alabama. Dr. John Compton and Dr. Lisa Stacey are our compassionate and experienced veterinarians, who will provide advanced veterinary care for your constant companion, whether they are young puppies or kittens, senior pets, or anywhere in between.

The broad range of cutting-edge technology and veterinary services offered at Airport Animal Clinic makes our practice the right choice for your furry family member. Our clinic has an advanced blood work laboratory and digital x-ray system to quickly and accurately assesses our patients, meaning treatment can begin immediately if necessary. Our diagnostic imaging solutions also include an ultrasound system, which painlessly provides our veterinarians with valuable internal images of the heart, liver, kidneys, and cardiovascular system, as well as the ability to search for tumors, fluid buildup, and pregnancy evaluations. Wellness programs are also available and are designed for the specific needs of your pet companion, regardless of their current age or condition. These wellness programs include recommendations including vaccinations, spay or neuters, dental care, diet and portion control, exercise, and laboratory blood work as necessary.

At Airport Animal Clinic, we understand you have a choice in where you take your furry family member for care. Our compassionate and experienced veterinarians, advanced tools and equipment, and competitive pricing make our clinic a leader in the area for veterinary care. Our caring veterinarians and staff are ready to provide quality and compassionate care for the life of your pet!

Our Mission

It is our mission to provide quality, affordable veterinary services to Monroe and neighboring counties.